Athletes News w/e 06-08-08

PBMC athletes racing news for the weekend:
  • Chris race the Mooseman International distance and finished with a great 2:48 hrs.
  • Olivia completed her 1st HIM ever at Mooseman and posted a solid result on very tough hot day finishing on 6:09 hrs
  • Stacey and Dave raced their 1st tri of the season at Mooseman HIM and battled very tough hot weather conditions to finish with solid results of 5:53 hrs (10th place AG) and 5:40 hrs respectively

Other notable PBMC results for the weekend:
  • Alex McDonald PBMC pro traithlete also raced Mooseman HIM and won it on 4:06 hrs!
  • Mike Caiazzo PBMC pro triathlete raced the Eagleman 70.3 and finished 5th overall on a very competitive field clocking 4:04 hrs!

BIG congratulations to you all!

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