Coaching Features

Among the different services that we offer at PBM Coaching we track your metabolic fitness analysis using training tools such as power meter, GPS and heart rate monitor.

Detailed Power, GPS and Heart Rate analysis

Using the software WKO+ our coaches can analyze key sessions to monitor training load, breakthrough sessions, define pacing and fueling strategies, analyze post-race execution, etc.

Fitness Improvements

Using the coaching software RaceDay and the data from your training tools we can track the fitness improvements over time, adjust the training plan (load) if necessary and make better planning decisions based on the athlete's strengths and weaknesses for each of the 3 sports.

Performance Modeling

Our coaches use RaceDay and through periodic testing performed through the season we can use the training data to predict performance for each of the 3 sports. Using this data we can plan specific training to help the athlete to achieve the greatest fitness possible given how much training he/she can do and strive for peak performance on during the main event

Training Load

Our coaches will use all the data gathered over the course of the season to track how the athlete adapts to the training load, track break through sessions and avoid over training and/or injuries for all 3 sports.

Training logs

Using the Training Peaks logs you'll receive a daily email with your workouts, you'll be able to log each session (or upload it from your power meter, GPS, heart monitor, etc), get detailed information for each workout in terms of duration, intensity (training zones), goals, etc. You'll be able to log comments that will serve as feedback for our coaches to track progress. This will be only one venue to keep a constant communication between the coach/athlete

Annual Training Plan

At the beginning of the season the athlete and coach will determine the season goal's, set up a calendar for races and set up an outline as to how the training program will progress week to week and become the annual training plan (ATP). Of course the ATP will change over the time to match the specific needs of the athlete.


Under your log you'll have access to a series of features and tools that will allow the coach and athlete to track different variable of your training such as total training load, power curve, macro nutrients to keep track of your daily nutritional intake and more.

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