Rehab Running Progam

Evidence-Based Rehab Running Program

Rehab Run Program + Gait Analysis special offer

 $149 for Gait Analysis* per analysis (advised every 8-12 weeks)
* discounted, usual price $249
It Includes:
  • Interview/Initial Assessment 
  • Functional Movement Screening -Static Analysis
  • Gait Analysis (HD video) on treadmill or track
  • Interdisciplinary Team Assessment write up and treatment recommendations
  • MPEG Video files for functional screening and gait analysis
  • Follow up meeting with coach to review all materials and discuss treatment recommendations from the interdisciplinary team to develop the rehab program

$149/4 weeks rehab program (usually $159)
It Includes:
  • Initial fitness evaluation and history training assessment
  • Personalized training program based on athletes specific rehab needs delivered every week (or 2 based on athlete's preference) for maximal flexibility and improvement gains.
  • Threshold pace/HRM testing and detailed training zones for optimal fitness gains. (when applicable)
  • Daily training log feedback, workouts review/preview and GPS/HRM analysis
  • Unlimited communication on a “need to” basis (phone, email, texting, Facebook)
  • Weekly training summary assessment and unlimited training updates
  • Personalized Resistance Training Program based on athlete's muscle imbalances
  • Personalized technique specific work to correct mechanical inefficiencies that might be contributing to injuries.
  • Cross training suggestions to supplement the program
  • Online training log (Training Peaks - Premium account)
  • Guided training Sessions with coach (on a "need to" basis, around once month)
  • Discounts for training camps


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