E3 Run/Cycling Fueling Plans

Single Race Specific Fueling Plans - $49 (running)
Multiple Race Specific Fueling Plans (up to 3 race distances) - $99 (running)

A personalized plan is developed based on the athlete’s specific needs, goals, fitness level, gender, age and weight for the week leading up to the main race, the morning of the race, during the race (break down by each sport) and for after the race. This will take the guessing out of your training and allow you to avoid fueling issues during your races; don’t let all your hard work and training go to waste due to fueling mistakes on race day!

Through a particular fitness and fueling questionnaire assessment, we’ll develop the optimal fueling plan that will help you achieve peak performance.

The Fueling Plan Includes:
  • Initial Fitness Assessment & Fueling Questionnaire
  • Race fueling plan break down for fueling before the race, during the race and after the race including carbohydrate/protein, hydration and electrolytes recommended intake race specific for up to 3 different race distances (i.e. fuel plan 10k, Half-marathon and Marathon or Time Trial, Century and Stage Race)
  • Plan includes recommendations for fueling needs during taper week leading up to the race.
  • Face-to-face or conference call consultation to discuss the details for the fueling plan and address specific questions.
  • Follow up to tweak plan to accommodate the athlete’s specific needs after the athlete test it during training sessions and race simulations. (i.e. long runs)
Run Race Specific Fueling Plan

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