Performance Run Gait Analysis

At E3 Training Solutions we offer a variety of services we refer to performance services because they are specifically designed to help you improve. All our services are evidence-based on the latest scientific, established training concepts and technology. We associate with experts in different fields such as biomechanics, soft tissue rehab/treatments, physical therapists, functional movements and static/dynamic analysis. Finally, we follow reputable testing protocols that will provide you valuable feedback for your training.

Performance Run Gait Analysis
Gait Analysis, Analysis write up and MPEG video file - $199 ($299 for initial and follow up sessions)

It Includes:
  • Gait Analysis (HD video) on treadmill and/or on track (45 min)
  • Review of general run drills and technique running cues (15 min)
  • MPEG Video files for gait analysis
  • Write up with assessment about active and passive mechanisms
  • Personalized resistance training program to address muscle imbalances
  • Personalized run drill and technique cues program to address neuromuscular adaptations
  • Personalized write up to address neuro-mechanics
  • Follow up online meeting with coach to review all materials and discuss Technique implementions. (45-60 min)
  • E3 Training Solutions Recovery Guide

E3 Training Solutions - Run Gait Analysis from Jorge Martinez on Vimeo.

Note, this service is included one-on-one programs and 20% discount for YouCoach, 30% discount for Performance Plans

* For satellite athletes, video can be sent to E3 Training Solutions for analysis and feedback.

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