Group Swim Technique Analysis

At E3 Training Solutions we offer a variety of services we refer as performance services because they are specifically designed to help you improve. All our services are evidence-based on the latest scientific, established training concepts and technology. All our services follow reputable testing protocols that will provide you valuable feedback for your training.

Group Swim Stroke Analysis
  • Basic Swim Technique Analysis - $99 per person ($149 initial & follow up session) minimum 5 athletes.
  • Pro Swim Technique Analysis - $135 per person ($200 initial & follow up session) minimum 5 athletes.
  • Personal Coached Swim Sessions - $50 per person (60 min)
    • $140/ 3-60 min session package
    • $225/ 5-60 min session package.
The Group Swim Technique analysis allows our coaches to break down your swim stroke identifying potential areas were you can improve. The analysis is performed with high definition camera and the video includes over and underwater shots. After the filming session is completed, you’ll do a group swim practice reviewing common swim drills aimed at improving your technique based on the initial ‘on-deck’ visual feedback. After the pool session is completed, the coach will review the video with each member of the group (15-20 min approx.) with our specialized Dartfish motion capture software. Finally, a week after the session, you will receive a personalized write up with specific drills aimed to improve your technique and efficiency. You will also received a MPEG video* copy of your analysis. If you choose the package with follow up session, we will schedule a 2nd session 8 weeks after and you’ll receive another write up and MPEG with the same format as in the 1st session.

It Includes:
Pool Session (Total 60 min):
Under/Over water bio-mechanical analysis with specialized motion capture software (15-20 min)
Group Swim Drill Practice (40-45 min)
General Swim video analysis as a MPEG movie file* including various angles from over and under water
Personalized Write up with specific drills to improve your technique including example and sample videos.
General strength program and ‘dry-land’ drills to address any potential muscle imbalances and improve your neuromuscular adaptations

Post Group Swim Session:
Individual assessment based ‘on-deck’ analysis and review of video materials (15-20 min per athlete)
Drill and/or exercise explanation based specific needs identified during the session (30 min for the group)

Note; 15% discount for YouCoach, 20% discount for Training Plans

* For the Pro Group Swim Analysis a personalized swim MPEG video analysis with notes and audible comments regarding techniques strengths/weaknesses, key positions to correct and examples of elite swimmers will be included. The video will include various angles from over and under water

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