Racing Week Review

Quiet but successful racing weekend for our E3 athletes:
  • Andrew Thompson followed on his last week performance this time racing the  Bridgeland Triathlon and finished 3rd AG.
  • Analise Thompson  followed on her last week performance also racing the Bridgeland Triathlon and finished 5th AG.
  • Noah Manacas raced at the Urban Epic Boston under the rain and finished 2nd AG and top 20 OA!
  • Carrie Mosher had a challenging showing at the Concord Crit, still, it was great cycling racing learning experience.

From the Boston Triathlon Team teammate Lauren Cullings had a fantastic showing at the Epic Urban Boston finished 3rd OA. Teammates from the Bluehills Cycling Club participated at the PMC, great job!

Also some of the ladies from our PBMC and EC friends had another killer racing weekend, congrats to you all!

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