Racing Week Review

Fun racing weekend for some E3 athletes and friends. In Cyclocross news, the famous Gran Prix of Gloucerster took place on Saturday and Sunday. Some of the best riders in the country, the region and even internationals got together to race in Stage Fort Park and battle the elements, the tough course and the competitive field.

Noah Manacas raced the 35+ master Cat 4s both on Saturday and Sunday for his 2nd and 3rd cyclocross races ever. He had a strong showing finishing 61 out of 109 competitors on Saturday which was a tough course with wet and muddy conditions.

Then he finished 60/102 on Sunday. Not bad considering this is his newbie season and he battled a chest cold all week!

Carrie Mosher, also on her newbie season continued her cross learning experience racing both days. On Saturday she battled the very muddy conditions, but she did so with faulty breaks. This made the riding experience even more challenging resulting on the toughest result she had so far. On Sunday Carrie showed her reliance coming back for a rematch, now with working equipment and she beat her demons having one of her best showings!

Coach Jorge had a solid race on Saturday finishing 15/109 also on the 35+ masters Cat 4s.

Here is a video of the race on Saturday; this was the 1st race in the AM for the Cat 4s. Noah, Jorge and Carrie raced later, this means the course got progressively more difficult due to the mud and rain.

For more results, read about the coverage and pictures go to CXmagazine Velonews or Cycling News

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