Racing Week Review

Successful racing weekend for E3 athletes and friends!

On Saturday Oct 22, 2011:

  • Andrew Thompson decided to try the cyclocross craziness in a local race in Texas. he finished in one piece and had a blast!
  • Noah Manacas continued his 'rookie' cross season racing at mud fest known as the Downeast CX day #1 and having his best finish ever with a solid 15th OA Cat 4 and 6th 35+ Cat 4!
  • Carrie Mosher also continued her rookie cross journey facing her demons by racing the Downeast CX day #1 mud fest. On a very difficult course she finished 12th cat 4 and beating some Cat 3s in the process!
  • Coach Jorge has a solid race at the Downeast day #1 finishing 10th Cat4 and 4th 35+ Cat 4 missing the podium by a few inches.
On Sunday Oct 23, 2011
  • Dan Arnett competed at the Xterra World Championship and finishing top 30 %. Great job!
  • Carrier Mosher raced day 2 of the Downeast CX, and faced another mud fest having a tough day but finishing. Some days, that's a huge victory itself! Proof of that is the bad luck coach Jorge encountered as he did not finish after suffering a broken rear derailleur hanger.
  • David Hauser toed the line for his 1st every half Ironman racing the Austin 70. and managed a solid result finishing the race even after some leg issues caused on the bike.
  • Jennifer Krajack Roth and her team Chicks in Tube Sox finished 5th Open Women at the Tussey Mountainback 50 mile relay race!
Congrats to you all

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