18 days after FL 70.3 and a fractured tibia

Well the FL 70.3 went ok considering I fractured my tibia running into the lake at the beach start of my wave. Somehow my leg landed on a hole and my knee hyperextend backwards fracturing my tibia (at the moment I though I just sprained my knee)

The swim - it was good for most part. I had some pain on the knee but I was more focused on swimming smooth and fast. It is the 1st time I take the lead on a wave and I was moving at a good pace and sighting pretty good. Within minutes I caught some swimmers on the waves ahead and I managed to sort through them quite well. I hit the turn around at 12+ min! Right on target for a sub 28 min, then to the next buoy I kept on moving but I began swimming a bit right going of course but to much. At the last turn around I kept on passing swimmers but at this point it got more hectic and I was slowing down just sorting through the crowd. After a while I looked at my watch and I was near 27 min and still lake half way to the beach, WTF? I exit the water at 31+ min which makes me thing the swim was a bit long and no I am not making any excuses :) Time - 31:42 min Overall: 95th

The Bike – I ran to T1 and it was painful in my knee. I jumped on my bike and decide to test if I could ride or not. The knee would hurt at some points but the pain was manageable so I kept on moving. I was passing people left and right and avg 25+ mph, then we turned on to Avalon St and the wind pick up and that dropped my speed to 21+mpb. I stuck to my pace plan and rode at 200 watts (210 on the head wind). A group of riders passed me and it was hard letting them go but I figured I would catch tem later or they were faster than me. With 10-15 miles to go we had a tailwind and I was feeling great and legs fresh. I pushed the pace and was avg 24-25mph and soon enough I caught the group who passed me before and flew pass by them It seems they friend their legs during the head wind 25 miles section ;-) I was happy with my bike considering after been sick for 3+ months I couldn’t ride much before the race Time – 2:26:51, Overall: 135th

Run – running into T2 again the knee was painful but I decided to attempt running at least 1 loop and then make a call. My original goal was to run 6:00 min pace per mile but with the knee ins so much pain I was having trouble keeping 6:20s, although my legs in general were feeling good. At around mile 3 the pain was becoming unbearable my pace felt to 6:30s and I decided to complete the 1 loop and call it a day. When I reached the turn around I saw Jess, Trixie, Jeff, etc and their awesome support made me attempt another loop. At that pint I saw Philip who was beginning his 1st loop and we chat a bit and told him a about my knee. He was carrying Advil and offered some, so I took 4 and kept on moving. That was the toughest loop cuz the pain was too much, and since I was running with more weight on my left leg I got huge blister in the ball of my left foot. I sucked it up and kept on moving but my pace felt to like 6:40-45s and that was disappointing. I saw those guys again at the turn around and just convinced myself I only had 4 more miles to go so I kept moving. By then the Advil kicked in and began running a bit faster and faster. 1st 6:25s, next mile 6:10s, next mile 6:00 and last 1+ mile I ran it on 5:20s! (I passed 101 people) Time – 1:25:37 hrs, Overall: 34th.

Total time: 4:28 hrs 5th AG (10 min over goal but with busted knee I happily take it!)

I will be out of running for 4-6 weeks to recover from the fracture but I can swim and bike. I hope I can stay in decent shape to race Timerbman. I'll add pool running work lots on my bike power!

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