FL 70.3 race plan

Fllowing is my racing plan for FL. Let's hope I can follow and execute it on race day! :-)

Nutrition before race: 3 hrs before swim eat 1 1/2 bagel with cream cheese, 1 ensure plus, 36 oz of Heed. 15-20 min before swim, 1 red bull, 1 heed gel, 8 endurolytes, 1 bottle of water. Warm up: jump in water for 5 min and swim easy with a few sprints. then active stretch arms/legs 10 min before my wave start

Swim: start out hard for 200-250 yds and then settle at goal pace. Focus on moderate effort and swimming straight sightseeing very 5th stroke. Last 200 yds increase kick beat to get some blood flowing to the legs. Exit water and run moderate/hard to T1

Bike: spin steady for 5-10 min and settle in. shoot for 200-205 watts for 10-15 Mi and work on nutrition (avoid chasing the hammerheads). Next 25-30 miles settle into 205-210 watts. Last 16 miles if everything is going well ok to punch it to 215 watts otherwise stay at 205-210. Watts limits – goal entire ride 205-210 avg, 210NP, 95 rpm. Ok range 215-225 when riding into the wind, ok 255-265 watts for hills or when passing, never above 275 watts. Nutrition: take 6 endurolytes + 1 gel 15 min into the ride and then every 45 min. Sport drink every 5-10 min shooting for 32oz per hr. Total carb per hr. 70gr

Run: run at goal pace + 5 seconds for the 1st mile to settle into running mode. Don’t chase unless it is within a few sec of goal pace but remain focus running comfortable for 1st loop. During the 2nd loop evaluate how is the pace/effort feeling and continue to focus on nutrition and running comfortable (efficient form). On the 3rd loop run a second mental checkup to evaluate the pace/effort. If feeling good go for it and pick up the pace to 10K + 15 sec! If not, just hang on tough and try to not slow down much or at all. Nutrition: drink (coke + water) every water station (aprox every 1.1 Mi), take 6 endurolytes every 15 min and 25-30 min into the run eat last gel.

After race stretch lightly, drink recovery drink/pills, eat at least a pint of ice cream and RELAX!

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