Boston Runner Super Sunday 10K

I ran a 10K yesterday to test how my run fitness is coming along during this run cycle and I am happy to say in general it went well. I knew going into the race it would be tough to get close to 32:30 min because of all the running I've been doing in the recent 3 weeks and my legs were a bit tired from some of the FTP sessions on the bike; still I managed to push hard and it felt good.

I used my polar pod to record distance, pace and splits but I didn't look at it much and rcaedby feel. I think I subconsciously ran a bit easier the 1st half cuz I didn’t know what to expect but as soon as I completed the 1st lap I could feel I had more in the tank and that I wasn't pushing at my max, hence I pick up the pace but although for mile 4 we had some head wind. As soon as I turn back I could feel I was running faster. At that point I took a pick at my watch and saw I was holding 5:15 pace and it felt right. Anyway, I ended up with a positive split the 2nd half due to my uncertainty about what pace I could hold heading into the race, but it was only a 4 seconds difference. Anyway, that's why we test and know I have a better idea on what sort of running shape I am right now. (Daniels VDOT 65)

I finished 3rd Overall for 32:48 min - 6.182 miles - 5:18 min/mile pace
I think I can hold a 5:15 min/mile pace with rested legs which is encouraging cuz I haven't start doing much real LT sessions as the run cycle is been more about volume.

Race #s:
Mile 1 - 5:16 min/mile
Mile 2 - 5:17 min/mile
Mile 3.091 - 5:20 min/mile
1st half - 16:22 min, 3.091 Miles, 5:18 min/mile pace
Mile 4 - 5:21 min/mile
Mile 5 - 5:20 min/mile
Mile 6.182 - 5:16 min/mile
2nd half - 16:26 min, 3.091 Miles, 5:19 min/mile pace

Pace Variability bewteen 1st 1/2 vs 2nd 1/2 - 1.00