Athletes Results w/e 08-07-08

PBMC athletes completed a challeging racing weekend:

  • Heidi raced her 1st 70.3 of the season at Timberman and prep for IMFL and she battled what seems to be some a bad dinner causing her GI issues during the race. Still she fought back to finish on 5:44 hrs and top 20th on her AG.
  • Stacey Head raced her 3rd 70.3 of the season at Timberman battling a cold the days leading up to the race which make the race more challenging. Still, she remained tough to post a great bike split and finish the race on
  • David Head raced his 2nd 70.3 of the season at Timberman, unfortunately some GI/nutrition issues made his race tough and hindered his path to reach his goal. Still, he remained focus to complete the race on 5:39 hrs and a great bike split. He is already getting ready to race another unplanned HIM and reach his goal :)

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