20 Min Maximal Power Test

** On testing days, make sure to fuel properly and be relatively rested. It would be wise to take it easy the day before **

WU: 10' @ 65-70%CP + 5' alternating 30" @ 95-105% CP/ 30" @ 65-70% CP + 5' @ 70-75%CP
MS: FT test 20 min all out
CD: 5-10' @ 55-65% C
Total time 45-50 min

The 20 Minute Maximal Power Field Test: Remember that the goal for the test is to ride as hard as possible but at the same time at a pace which allows you to complete the entire test. It is wiser to start a bit easier and build up effort finishing strong. Make you calibrate you power meter before the test, your trainer set up is in the same (or very similar conditions for all testing), enough fluids, a towel and the most important; you have to have fan(s) or something to cool you down as over heating can impact your testing negatively.

The average power for the test is what we'll use to calculate your Critical Power (in addition of a shorter 3 min test) and your training levels will be percentages of that. It is very important that you should finish knowing you gave it everything you had but also to NOT start so hard for better results. After the test spin easy for 10-15 minutes as cool down.

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