Cycling Plan Notes and How to Read Sessions

Important Notes
  • We won’t do the 1st round of tests until week # 3 for that reason the first few weeks you’ll do the sessions based on RPE or  you can use your most recent Threshold Heart Rate (THR), Critical Power (CP), Functional Threshold Power (FTP), etc. and just adjust accordingly. The goal is to easy up into the program and get ready to push down the road so don’t stress much about it during those weeks.
  • Do some intervals blind meaning don't look at Heart Rate Monitor or Power Meter and guide your effort by Perceived Exertion (RPE); this will allow you to get in tune with your body.
  • Always ride at your self-selected cadence; the best cadence is the one which allows you to push at the prescribed intensity with the lower RPE.
  • There are 3 key session per week plus 1 optional. I suggest to leave 24 to 48 hrs in between sessions. Use the remaining days to fit swim and run sessions based on your goals. if you are planning to do 2 session on the same day (i.e. swim and bike) try to make the non-bike session 'easy' and do more intense ones on non-cycling days. The program is cycling focused and rather intense hence yuo want to be as rested as possible for each session for optimal results.
  • If you are training for IM/HIM and can ride outdoors throughout the year you can do the optional session longer or ignore it and do something specific to your needs/goals (i.e. ride 4 hrs at steady state power).
  • In some of the intervals you can vary your cadence to simulate the variability of riding outdoors and to break down monotony; still choosing your natural cadence is usually a wiser idea. 
  • When doing short intense session based on Threshold Heart Rate, the HR may not be achieved during initial efforts as it will lag begin hence use RPE.
  • Trainer settings - always use same settings on trainer (same resistance, same tire pressure, etc). Use an old tire so you don't waste your fancy racing tires. Find a well ventilated area complete with a fan or outside shaded area and have lots of fluids handy.
  • Stick to the plan and try to do the sessions each week on the same day (i.e. Tue, Thurs and Sat) so you can create a routine and stick to the program. Join a training group so you can keep each other motivated!
  • REMEMBER for testing days always take the day before easy and test under the same conditions (or as similar as possible). This will help consistency with the results and track performance easier.
  • For those with a run focus (training for marathon, improving weakness, etc) you can just do 2 out of the 4 sessions; for the biggest return on investment do session on Day 1 and 3, for a solid  program but not as intense do session on Day 1 and 2.
  • For those with a cycling focus, doing the optional 4th sessions is important; if training for an early year IM you can just do a long steady ride as mentioned previously.
  • Each athletes adapts and recovers different from one session to the next, for that reason if you are not able do the prescribed intensity for a given session, make the intervals duration a bit shorter and/or rest a bit longer. If you still can't hit the target, drop the intensity. If you still can't do it then it will be a good idea to ride at an easy intensity or just stop the session altogether and to try again a day or two later.
  • A proper cooling system (fans or something) is vital for good training indoors, if you don't have a good way to keep yourself cool then you will struggle to complete the sessions.
Warm up, Cool Down and rest for Power-based session:

Warm up, Cool Down and rest for Heart rate-based session:

    How To Read Training Sessions:

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