30 min Time Trial Test (for HR users)

WU: 5' @ 68-75% HR (z1), 5' ON/OFF as 30 sec @ 95-105% HR (z4)/ 30 sec @ 68-.75% HR (z1), 5' @ 75-80% HR (z2)
MS: 30 min all out test
CD: 5' @ 68-75% HR (z1)
Total time 50 min

The 30 minute Bike Time Trail Test:
Remember that the goal of the test is for you to ride as fast as possible but at a pace which allows you to complete the entire 30 min test. Start the test and start recording your heart rate for the entire test. The average test is what you’ll use to calculate your Lactate Threshold Heart Rate. It is very important that you should finish knowing you gave it everything you had. Make sure your trainer is properly set up; you have a fan or something to cool you down, enough fluids and a towel.

Calculate your Threshold Heart Rate – take the average heart rate for the test and multiply it by 97% and the results will be your estimated THR
Example: Jorge’s 30 min avg HR: 178 hence THR = 178 * .97 = 173

Then calculate zones:

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