Great Article!

I don't know who Steve Myrland is but what he wrote on the article "Guru-ism And The Decline Of Coaching" attached below clearly articulates what I often think of some of my coaching peers.

I understand as professionals we need to treat other with respect but I also understand if we want to be taken seriously as a profession, we have to be professionals in the entire extent of the word (not only pretend we are) demonstrate both knowledge and experience and prove to potential athletes why would they benefit from contracting our services.

That as opposed to try convincing athletes we have the secret to helping them and allure them with catchy words, "special" or one-size-fits-all approaches or any of the many gimmicks floating around...

My favorite quote from the article:

“I am also persuaded that the best coaching mentors are those who foster independence in athletes and fellow coaches, rather than dependence.”

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