A New Beginning, The Same Mission

It has been quiet around here for the past few weeks and I know I still owe you part 3 of the training concepts series, however, some excited changes occurred in recent days. Due to personal reasons I decided to start my own coaching business and continue working towards the same mission I've embarked in previous years: to develop and offer the best evidence-based endurance coaching services supporting athletes from all backgrounds and levels.

Let me be clear that this changed happened in very friendly terms with PBM Coaching and friend and owner Kurt Perham. As I said, the reasons were personal and without a doubt a wise choice for both. I am very grateful for all the help and support Kurt has offered me over the years and I can say I've learned from one of the best and he has been a mentor. With his support, influence and approach to mutltisports training is what inspired to become a coach in the first place and the coach I am today.

In my opinion he is one of the best coaches in the nation and certainly superior than many of the marketing driven 'gurus' names you heard around. I am looking forward to continue collaborating with PBMC in other projects.

As for the new company, it will be called E3 Training Solutions. The name has a simple meaning that encapsulates my mission; E3 stands for endurance and the three sports we'll focus on: swimming, biking and running either as stand alone sports in their different disciplines and/or triathlons. Training Solutions represents the focus my company will have; to provide the best specific service for each individual.

Our athletes will receive solutions to address their particular needs whether training to complete their first race, to improve their performance, to qualify/win certain event, to engage in a healthy lifestyle, weight management, etc. Our athletes goals, are our goals.

Among the services we will offer are:
  • Integrative personalized coaching (local and satellite)
  • Personalized Training Plans (season or event specific)
  • iCoaching for a more "a la carte" affordable option
  • Performance Analysis (swim stroke, bike fit optimization, gait analysis)
  • Clinical Gait Analysis for the athlete who has struggled with injuries and traditional diagnosis approaches hasn't worked out. An assessment team of Physical Therapist, Chiropractor, Kinesiologist, and elite coach will work together to diagnose and offer treatment solutions
  • Nutritional Programs
  • Fueling plans
  • Associate coach training
Currently among our athletes roster we have runners focused on events from 10Ks to Ultras, cyclists working towards regional championships (road and mtn bike), others focused on open water swimming and others focused on triathlons whether completing their 1st triathlon or Ironman to qualifying to Kona/Vegas and/or winning overall/age group. E3 counts with 3 experienced coaches and currently I am training more to join us in the future. I have secured sponsorship for our current athletes and our future racing teams. I am finalizing details to launch our new website on coming weeks and more!

I'll use my blog to provide updates, articles about our mission, coaches, athletes and services. Right now the sky is the limit and I am very excited as to how quickly this new venture is taking shape and moving forward. There are many projects on the table and as we make those a reality I'll share those as well. For now, I'll continue to work on bringing affordable premier evidence-based coaching services for our athletes. If you want to learn more, contact us today!


Andrew said...

Congrats Jorge. Jessica and I wish you the best. We have no doubt that you will be successful in this endeavor.

Anne said...

Muchas felicidades hijo mio, de todo corazon, que esto sea todo un exito, Te amamos, tu Pa y Ma.