E3TS Simple Tapering, Fueling and Pacing Guide for a Marathon

As the Boston Marathon approaches, I've been doing different talks for the Run For Research marathon team, the Team in Training and the City Sports Running Club (sponsored by Nike) to help athletes with the final preparations for the big day.

The main topics I've been presenting have been tapering, nutrition leading up to the race, fueling during the race and simple pacing strategies. Because of that, I decided to compile the information I've presented and put together our own E3TS Simple tapering, fueling and pacing guide for a marathon. Since this talks target a wide range of runners and specific to the Boston marathon I kept the information simple and general.

Still, the guide will be helpful for any runner and distance as the guide provides science supported and proven concepts. For more specific information, you can get more info on our simple guides section where you will get a wide range for training topics. For coaching, training plans or nutrition/fueling information please contact us at jorge@e3ts.com

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