Analise Thompson Buffalo Spring Sprint Race Report

by Analise Thompson
Day prior: We drove in the day prior, taking 2 days to drive the 9 + hours. I was still sore in my legs from my lift on Wednesday with my trainer. She had me do a couple of legs exercises and I thought my legs were going to burst from doing the exercise. I believe that is also why I had a bad bike on Thursday; my legs were still dead and sore. When we got in on Friday, Andrew was full of nerves and we had to go to the expo even though packet pickup wasn't for another few hours, worked out though, because we got to the front of the line.

The race numbering system was tattoos and lots of stickers. You had to read a bunch of paperwork to figure out where all the stuff goes.

Looking back, I think it gave Andrew an advantage, because i was the one that had to figure it out. Plus, he got to see transition the day before.

Morning of: There were two races, a children's race and a sprint.

The Children's race started at 0700 and the Sprint at 0845. Because we weren't sure what time transition closed, we were there and set up prior to 0645. And then we sat around. About 15 min prior to race, I actually did a short swim to calm my nerves. Not really sure if it works, but hey, I will try anything.

Race: Women were third wave and we were off! I dove behind a fast swimmer I knew from San Antonio. Andrew said I was right behind just before the first buoy and then I I turned to the right in the opposite direction, then back on course. After the first buoy, it was choppy and into the current. Needless to say it was terrible for me. But somehow I was able to catch a bunch of the men. Slow pokes. When we turned to go back into shore, that is when I really started to panic.

At the pre-race, they said it wasn't deep and we would be able to stand. This girl could not stand. She swallowed lots of water, and panicked some more, people were holding on to a kayak and someone

started screaming for help. More water in the mouth, more unable to

stand, more breast stroke, and I made it to shore. It was 7:53 min.

It felt like the longest leg of the day.

T1: 1:53. It was a picnic. I need to work on those, but I have to put socks on!

Onto the bike: The bike was super fun. I love passing people, especially men moving at like 22 mph when I am going 28-31mph. Super fun. It was also really dry. I could hardly drink on the bike because my throat was dry. Each drink felt like I was going to throw it back up. Lovely.

Bike started on a steep uphill. It was the first 8 miles of the 70.3.

It makes me sheepish to think I was so short compared to them, but I can walk no problem the next day. Lots of hills getting out of the canyon. The way out was really fast with the wind to the back. There were a few sections with cross wind and I could not stay aero for the life of me. I thought I might die. The way back in was a different story. All head wind. It was a fight the whole way in. I was still passing people which made me feel good. I caught all the ladies except for the leader. I should have gone harder! (53:32, 19.7mph)

T2: 1:15. I already had my socks on!

RUN: So, I really haven't been running and my garmin wasn't on until transition so it was busy locating during the first mile. I grabbed water leaving transition, took a sip, then threw the rest on my head.

I figure I would get water at mile one, but no dice. It wasn't until 1.5!!! I survived. I passed a lot of people on the run, but I still was not fast enough to catch the lady in front of me who was 41 years old! I am getting weak and I hate it. I need to start working on my run.

Overall, I had a pretty good day. I think my legs were still somewhat exhausted from my lift and I need to run more and harder. It was so much fun! I am looking forward to my next race, which I haven't looked forward to racing in a long time.

- Analise

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