Racing Week Review

This weekend was a busy weekend for E3 athletes and friends full with great results.
  • Andrew Thompson fought hot conditions at the Buffalo Springs 70.3 race going sub 5 hrs and earning his ticket for the 70.3 World Championship in Vegas!
  • Analise Thompson had an amazing day finishing 2nd OA at the Buffalo Spring Lake Sprint with the fastest female bike split of the day. It seems the bike training is paying off!
  • Dan Arnett continued his great season placing 2nd OA at the Tri the Parks triathlon.
  • Patricia Brownell had a great performance at the Cohassett Tri finishing 2nd in her AG and earning a spot for USAT Nationals in Vermont... again!
  • Kirsten Knowles race the inaugural BAA 10K and set up a new personal record completing in 43:31
  • Amy Duverger also raced the BAA 10K posting a PR.
  • Noah Manacas and Brenda Chroniak also participated at the BAA 10k and had solid days with 44:xx and 50min finishing times.
  • Carrie Mosher completed the warrior dash obstacles course!
Athletes from the Liver Foundation team also participated at the BAA 10K setting PRs and having solid days; among them were Tom Murray with a solid race!

Grace Tsuei completed the 1 mile Captain pond swim and placed 3rd in her AG!

Boston Tri Team members also had fantastic results/accomplishments over the week at Tris, Ultras and obstacle racing!

Matt Davenport completed the Western States 100 and finished under 24hrs earning his belt buckle
Tony Felos completed his 1st 50 mile ultra in 13:39 min and 3rd AG!
Tris Henwood placed 1st AG, Sue McCloud was 2nd and Erica Allen was 3rd at the Cohasset Tri sweeping the podium!
Maura Olcese completed the Warrior Dash obstacles course race.

PBM Coaching athlete Catherine Sterling had another great day winning the Cohasset Tri

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