Racing Week Review

Another successful racing weekend for E3 athletes and team members/friends from the Boston Triathlon Team

  • Alaina Neary Case raced the Musselman sprint and half iron; she finished 2nd female overall for the sprint on Saturday and on Sunday she fought some stomach issues and still managed a 4th place overall at the Half!
  • Ryan Case (E3 friend) also race at the Musselman sprint/half iron; he finished 2nd AG at the sprint and similar to Alaina, he experienced issues though his were mechanical finishing 5th AG. Way to get it done even with adversity!
  • Noah Manacas raced at the Stowe 8 miler and posted a solid 1hr time!
  • Kirsten Knowles raced at the Stowe 8 miler a week after the Missoula Marathon were she PR and posted a solid ~1 hr result
  • Brenda Chroniak raced as well the Stowe 8 miler posting a solid 1:04hr time
  • Amy Duverger also raced the Stowe 8 miler posting a solid 1:11hr time
Fellow team members for the Boston Tri Team also had great racing results specially at the Fairlee Tri where many members made the podium: Brian Kearney won the Clyde division, Rachel Saks Aronis placed 3rd AG, Kelwin Conroy placed 3rd AG, Maggie O'Toole 1st Athena, Trish Henwood 2nd AG, Ira Sills 2nd AG and others I don;t have their results just yet.

Congrats to you all! 

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