Racing Week Review

Great racing weekend from E3 athletes and friends.

  • Dan Arnett continued his season success racing back to back days finishing 1st AG and 4th OA at the mistletoe tri and 2nd AG and 6th OA at the first coast Xterra Tri.
  • Brenda Chroniak kicked off his tri season racing the Danskin Tri and finishing top 10!
  • At Ironman Lake Placid Brendan Hall completed succesfully his 1st Ironman in 11:40hrs
  • Ed Galante battled dehydration but toughen it up and completed his 2nd Ironman LP
  • Jerry Maguire completed 2nd dreams, 1st to get back to running injury free and 2nd to complete his 1st Ironman rocking LP.
Many Boston Triathlon Team members had great success at Ironman Lake Placid, Nantucket Triathlon and Danskin Tri. Our friends from Endurance Concepts, PBM Coaching and ETA also had amazing success. Congratulations to all your athletes and your great work as coaches!

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