Racing Week Review

Busy racing weekend for E3 athletes racing.

Serenity Coyne completed the 1st of many racing distances on her goal list. After coming to E3TS with recurring running injuries and unable to run more than 10 min at a time, Serenity rework her gait through our clinical gait analysis, build up her fitness, her running volume, and on Saturday she completed her 1st Half-marathon ever running the Cape Cod Half and finishing around 2 hrs. Next, a marathon perhaps? Great job!

Alaina Case Neary raced the Veterans Park cyclocrossday #1 and won the Women Cat 4, 2nd win in a row for her, fantastic job! 

Tracy Douglas ran the Eerie Erie 10K and not only posted a new Personal Record, but also, she was 2nd in her age group and 6th female overall!

Carrie Mosher raced the Canton Cup Cyclocross and finished 14th overall in the Cat 3 and 4 female race!

Noah Manacas also raced the Canton Cup Cyclocross in a big field and finished top 40% beating over 70 riders.

Coach Jorge also raced the Canton Cup Cyclocross in the Cat 3s and 4s field and had a solid race against a competitive field; the final results are still been sorted out.

Kris Kaplan completed the Marine Corps Marathon having a solid day finishing around 4 hrs to finish his 2011 season!

Great job everyone, keep up the good work!

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