Performance Triathlon Plans!

Are you tired of under performing in a particular sport? Have you been sidelined by recurring injuries? Are you looking to get a head start for the 2012 season by addressing some of your specific limitations?

Our Foundation Triathlon Plans are for you!

What are the Performance Triathlon Plans?
Think of your endurance fitness as a house. All the time you spend training you fill in the rooms on the bottom story and as you grow fitter, you could build a new ‘fitness’ story above the last one making your house grow.

However, in order for your house to be able to support the new hard earned fitness and the new levels you add, you need a solid foundation. The footing, the floors, the walls, etc. of your house, need to grow at a similar rate than your fitness to be able to sustain it otherwise your house might fall apart. In this analogy, your house’s foundation relates not only to your aerobic fitness, but specifically, to your muscles, tendons, bones, cartilage, ligaments, etc.

If you don’t have a solid foundation, as your fitness improves and you can do more training, eventually a weak link in your house will be exposed and it will be unable to ‘support’ your fitness causing it breaking down.

In order to prevent this, we create a personalized training plan addressing your specific needs, sport-related weaknesses, time limitations and complement it with a resistance training program to build your fitness as well as your body’s foundation for the rest of your season.

We spend 4, 8 or 12 weeks addressing your particular limitations in a sport as well as any muscle imbalances and/or mechanical constraints. This will allow ‘build up’ your foundation to support your fitness as you move into specific training. This option is a great alternative for athletes seeking structured training and coaching support without the full integration of our one-on-one programs.

All our programs are evidence-based in sport physiology and proven training concepts. We don’t offer any marketing buzz, no magic ‘systems’ and no shortcuts. Our athletes succeed based on hard and consistent work.

Foundation Triathlon Plan 4, 8 or 12 weeks:
$100 Account setup - $36 per 4/week personalized plan and coach support
Annual Membership (52 week commitment*):
Personalized plan (foundation + season), season planner based on your main events and ongoing coach support
$139 per 4/ week
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-- The above offers are only valid if sign up before November 30, 2011 --

It includes:
1.       Initial Fitness Assessment
2.       Personalized training plan
3.       Training history analysis to determine
4.       Functional Strength screening and personalized resistance training program
5.       Online training log hosted on Training Peaks (basic account) to track log your workouts and track progress.
6.       Field testing to develop sport specific training zones based on Heart Rate or Critical Power/Speed
7.       Access to E3 Training Solutions Training Guides.
8.       Access to E3TS Team Club
9.       Discounts with E3TS Sponsors and Supporters
10. E3TS Racing T-shirt and water bottle

Coach Support: 
  • Unlimited Training log feedback. 
  • Email interaction with your coach; all questions/concerns will be responded within 24hrs during the week and 48hrs during the weekend 
  • Access to E3TS multi-media content including webinars, webcasts, podcasts, etc. 
  • Monthly conference call with your coach to address specific training questions (as needed)
Discounted Services:20% off Performance Analysis (Gait/swim analysis and bike fit optimization)
15% off Clinical Run Gait Analysis
30% off Personalized Racing/Fueling execution plans
30% Personalized Nutrition Plans
50% Coached Group Training Sessions (i.e. track workouts, long runs, group rides etc.)

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* Annual Membership requires a 52 week commitment; the payment will be set up through automatic billing charged on credit/debit card as $140 every 28 days for 48 weeks and you get 4 weeks free

- If pay upfront you get a 5% discount off -

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