Racing Week Review

E3 athletes and friends had a solid racing weekend in running and cycling races.

  • Noah Manacas continue improving in cyclocross finishing 15th OA for the Cat 4s at the Farm EcoCross.
  • Ryan Case posted a great PR, took top 10 OA and 3rd Ag at the Midland half marathon running 1:21hrs!
At the Chilly Half Marathon, the American Liver Foundation Team had a great showing with a 3rd OA and various PRs:
  • Robert Tansy ran a 1:19hr finishing 3rd OA and winning the 40yo category.
  • Michelle Dumas ran a PR and broke 2 hrs for her 1st time in her short running career with a 1:56hrs
  • Jim O'Connell had a solid race with a sub 1:50hr result
  • Megan Connolly also had a solid race with a sub 2 hr result
  • Jim Sparks had an usual solid showing finishing yet another race. If you don't know his story, around 2 years ago Jim was overweight, had to walk with a cane and basically didn't have good prospects to live; that was until he has fortune to successfully undergo a liver transplant and now 2 years later Jim has become a running machine finishing various halfs, marathons and more all in support to the American Liver Foundation.
Amazing racing guys and a great reminder that we not only do all this for fun, the lifestyle, but also in many cases, we do so to support and celebrate great organizations making real changes in people's lives!

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