Strength Class for Runners & Triathletes

Reminder: E3 athlete (and coach in training) Jess Douglas, MSPT is providing a Strength training class specific for runners and triathletes. The program will address the most common mobility and muscle imbalances exhibited by runners/triathletes.

The program is designed to cover different elements; 1st you will learn proper warm up techniques to increase your range of motion and get your body ready to handle the work via dynamic stretching. Then, the strength program will address stability, a foundation for proper movement. Your will build strength, endurance, stability and muscle memory through a mix of plyometrics and functional strength.  Finally, you will work on mobility (another foundation for proper movement) during the cool down via static stretching and learn self-mysofascial active release technique.

You will be advice how to easily incorporate this simple routine into your training program to help reduce muscle imbalance related injuries.

About Jess - she is a physical therapist, with 11 years of experience in private practice.  Recently, she was certified by the American Physical Therapy Association as an Orthopedic Clinical Specialist.  Over the years, she has focused much of her practice on working with athletes, studying and correcting muscle imbalances and biomechanics of the leg. She is currently receiving training through the E3 training Solutions Certification and Continuing education program to become a level 1 endurance coach.

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