PBM Coaching Athlete Profile

Alaina Case (formerly Alaina Neary)

Growing up, I was not a typical 'athlete'- my passions were music (the trumpet) and science. Despite playing soccer and tennis for a few years, no one would have considered me a jock. After graduating from college, I decided to start running, and 6 months later I completed my first marathon. Longer distances were instantly appealing, and a year later, I qualified for the Boston Marathon and found myself starting triathlons.  

On 2006, after 4 months of self-coached swim, bike, and run training, I tackled my first Half-ironman and was instantly hooked. Triathlon training provided an outlet for my energy and I instantly found a sport that suited both my personality and my body type. Since then I have completed 5 marathons, 12 Half-Ironmans, 2 Ironmans, and a few other races of varying distances.

I began working with PBM Coaching in 2008 and have had terrific success training with Coach Jorge. Highlights of my athletic achievements under PBM Coaching include winning First Overall Female at Muncie Half-Ironman, placing first as a co-ed team with my husband at the American Triple-T, placing 3rd in my age group at my first Ironman in Lake Placid, NY, which qualified me for the Ironman World Championships in Kona, and finally, competing in Ironman Hawaii in my first year at the Ironman distance. 

Working with PBM Coaching has allowed me to continue to improve in the sport all while working towards my PhD in Neuroscience, since I never stopped being a nerd! Next year I would like to return my focus to the Half-Ironman distance and improve my cycling speed.

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