Racing Week Review

Another successful racing weekend for our E3 athletes:
  • Brendan Hall finished 2nd in his AG at the Timberman Sprint
  • Brenda Chroniak had a strong showing at the Timberman Sprint with a 12th AG
  • Ed Galante came back from a tough IMLP to successfully complete the Timberman Sprint
  • Patricia Brownell had a tough showing at the USAT AG nationals fighting a cold but finishing the race
  • Noah Manacas raced at the Timberman 70.3 with a solid performance
  • Sean McCormmick raced at the Timberman 70.3 with a solid performance
From the Boston Triathlon Team teammate Trish Henwood earned her spot to ITU Sprint Worlds. Also Matt Pokress did the same for ITU Olympic Worlds. Maggie O'Toole had a great PR at USAT AG Nationals finishing 2nd AG.

Friend Grace Tsuei also successfully completed the Timberman Sprint and had the 12 fastest swim overall!

Also some of the ladies from our PBMC friends had another killer racing weekend, Catherine Sterling and Meghan Newcomer won their AG at USAT Nats becoming national champions. Finally, Mike Caiazzo from the US Pro Tri team had another great result finishing 2nd OA at Timberman 70.3. Great job coach Kurt!

Congratulations to everyone!

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