Performance Run Gait Analysis

Performance Run Gait Analysis - $150 1st session $100 follow up session ($235 both)
  • Bio-mechanical analysis with specialized motion capture software including different video angle shots.
  • Analysis and feedback performed by coach
  • 45-60 min session on the track and treadmill
  • Personalized MPEG video analysis with notes regarding techniques strengths/weaknesses, key positions correct, and examples of elite runners.
  • Write up with specific drills and technique aspects to work on
  • Resistance Program to address muscle imbalances and increase neuro-muscular adaptations
  • A follow up session is scheduled 6 weeks later and when completed, all of the above is provided again though the video also includes a before and after video to track improvements. 

Bike Fit and Speed Extraction - $150 1st session, $75 follow up ($205 both)
  • Initial assessment of your flexibility and racing style
  • Initial position is evaluated
  • All measurements quantified using Dartfish Motion Analysis Software.
  • Optimum position setup for power and improve aerodynamics (Frontal Projected Area)
  • Adjustments are made based on athletes feedback and more video is taken to note changes.
  • Athlete receives a detailed overview (Video and PDF) of changes made and future adjustments suggested

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