E3 Athlete Spotlight

A new feature I am adding to the E3 Training Solution Blog is going to be ‘E3 Athlete Spotlight’. This will be a simple way to feature some of our athletes, share a bit of who they are, what are they racing, why and some extra random information. This is my way to recognize the hard work and sacrifices our athletes have endure over months of training.

Since Ironman Lake Placid is one of the most popular races in the Northeast I decided to feature those of our athletes racing it this year for the 1st or 2nd time. The first athlete, friend and fellow Boston Triathlon team member is Ed Galante. He did his 1st Ironman last year beating the odds after 5 knee surgeries in previous years the last one occurring just a few months before the race.

Ed is one of my close friends and this year he faced a different training challenge; he had to balance an incredibly hectic work schedule and the never ending knee rehabilitation with Ironman training. Still, he got the work done within his own limitations, this coming Sunday will be toeing the line for a 2nd time at Lake Placid.

Name - Ed Galante

Age - 39 (racing as 40)

Gender - Perfect Male

Profession - Corporate Attorney

Years racing - 10ish

Experience racing - 1 Ironman and countless tris of other distances, road and swim races.

Why you started racing tris? Had to give up rugby because of knee injuries and it looked like fun. Besides how many sports can you perform only okay on 3 separate disciplines, but the end result is actually good?

Favorite food - Pizza

Favorite motivation movie - Karate Kid and Rocky 1 through IV

Favorite movie Megashark versus Giant Octopus

Nickname Chupacabra

Alter Ego Mitch

Why you chose to race Ironman?  Because I am like a piece of Iron....and I am THE Man! So you combine the words and get "Ironman"....not sure if you picked up on Ivan Drago reference there.

Have you enjoyed the journey? I am not so sure I would use the word "enjoy" but it definitely has been a challenging experience. It also has allowed me to see how sadistic my friend Jorge is.

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czechchick15 said...

Ed says:"Jorge - I just had to stop and get off my bike as I almost passed out, and had chills come over me - what do you think it could be?"

Jorge says:"What did you do last night Ed?"

Ed:"I may have had 6 or 7 or 8 beers"

Jorge:"It would be called HANGOVER"